From January through the end of May, Team OC is united in one goal, to properly train our riders for their ultimate cycling journey. This journey is the AIDS/LifeCycle a 7-day cycling event that covers 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  This event is an amazingly well supported with support vehicles, fully staffed pitstops every 20 miles, and wonderful people all along the route. 

Team OC’s training plan starts our new riders out at 10 miles and slowly builds up mileage and hills. For our more experienced riders, we start out rides at 30 miles and build from there.   Team OC has a special ride that sells out each year, a ride down the coast to Solana Beach. Make sure you do not miss out on this great ride.

Here are the quick facts:
  • AIDS/LifeCycle is a 7-day event starting in San Francisco and ending in Los Angeles
  • It is fully supported, complete with fully stocked and manned rest stops (you’ll love the bagel surprises and the peanut butter and jam graham cracker sandwiches – they’re like crack for cyclists)
  • We will travel 545 miles by bike (it’s our goal for every rider to be willing and capable of riding every single one of those miles)
  • In the evening we sleep in tents between our daily rides (for those that prefer hotels you may embark on the princess tour)
  • oh…and we’re pretty cool too 😉
For more information please visit:
To visit or join TeamOC’s AIDS/LifeCycle team page visit:
Even if you can’t join us, we always welcome new riders.  Have no shame in saying I’m still thinking about doing the ride or I’ll do it next year…we’d rather have you out on the road with us than sitting at home just thinking about doing it.