Stories from New Riders

Rob Elliott

In late 2014, I was going through a tough time personally. I was very depressed and had nothing to look forward to. An old friend of mine from High School, David Cohn, reached out to me. He told me about AIDS LifeCycle and that Team OC could get me ready. I declined. However, he was persistent and got me on a bike. I pulled my 10-year-old Trek mountain bike out of the garage and went on a 10-mile ride with him. I was certain I was going to die. From that point on I got into cycling. I picked up a road bike and slowly started accepting spandex into my life. I participated in AIDS LifeCycle 2015 just 9 months later and killed it raising $5,926! Then I raised $10,000 in 2016! Thanks to Team OC I can say that being part of something amazing really helps me fight those depressed feelings. They are stuck with me forever!!

David Cohn

ALC 2014 Day 6 Riding along the coast North of Santa Barbara

I started riding back in 2014 when a friend of mine told me about the AIDS/LifeCycle. I started training with Team San Diego my first year but I did not really fit in with the team. It was on Day 0, when I met the riders from Team OC did I know I found my team! Everyone made me feel welcomed, helped guide me through the registration process and even helped me get my tent assignment. During the ride, I got to know the team a lot better and had dinner with them multiple nights. It took a lot of stress away from me knowing that Team OC was there if I had a question, a problem, or just needed someone to talk to.  Upon returning a few of the leaders asked me if I would be interested in becoming a Training Ride Leader, after all the support they gave me I could not say no. I am proud to say that Team OC is my team and I am proud to be a part of it.